Monday, November 9, 2015

How Can You Measure A Brand? (part 2 of 2)
Perceived Quality

Based on the level of satisfaction and benefits derived from the use of the product, consumers will have their varying perceptions when it comes to the quality of a given product. But even this one entails several variables such as consistency of delivering quality products or its performance in comparison to competition.

Perceived Value

There are two ways to look into this one: in terms of money and benefits. However, these two are interlaced. Meaning, consumers determine the value of a product for its money based on whether it delivers the kind of benefits that the product promised and the consumers expect from it.

Organization's Reputation

Even though it is not directly concerned with the product that a customer is in the process of buying, the reputation of the company behind the product impacts their buying choices. Is it a credible organization? Is it something that I can trust? Building that reputation comes in part of a business' effort to build a strong brand.


To achieve this, most businesses often work on establishing brand recognition. Brand recall oftentimes lead to purchases since most buyers opt to buy something that is familiar to them, as opposed to an unknown product or brand. You need to work on protecting your brand though as a few mistake can destroy the brand that you have built.

Establishing a value for your brand proves to be difficult and a lot of hard work. And yet, money is only a meager factor in the entire formula. Only when a brand has established itself well enough such that consumers are willing to pay for it, regardless of the price, does it achieve its true value as a brand.

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